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Peizhi Huang
The Demon's Minion
NAME: Peizhi
AGE: twenty three
GENDER: female
HAIR: black with brown highlights
EYES: dark brown
HEIGHT: 5'6"
WEIGHT: 146 lbs
BUILD: mesomorph


LIKES: dancing, snow, black tea
DISLIKES: heat, Batman, traitors
HOBBIES: hiking, juggling, sparring
STRENGTHS: stealthy, mixed martial artist, leader
WEAKNESSES: impatient, holds grudges, inflexible
ASSOCIATES: Ra's al Ghul, Sora, the sisterhood
NAME: Lector
AGE: 20
TUMBLR: lectorel
EXPERIENCE: not much, but I'm learning
CONTACT: skype or main tumblr account
STYLE: third person, past tense, para
TIME ZONE: central time
You Say Minion Like It's a Bad Thing

Ra's has always had his legions of faceless ninja. Peizhi is one of them. She was one of thousands of Han Chinese baby girls taken in by the league after being abandoned due to China's one child policy. It's the life she was brought up in, raised to be loyal to the Demon, to the al Ghuls, and above all else, to Ra's. Peizhi serves with a devotion few can match. Cheerful, irreverent, and faithful to the point of death, she would die for her master with a smile on her face if he asked her to.

Since the events of Batman: after death have begun, Peizhi assisted in the kidnapping and subversion of Stephanie Brown. Stephanie, as Sora, is one of Peizhi's dear friends. How that will effect things now that they've returned to Gotham remains to be seen.

Ninja Wear Black

Peizhi is never, ever going to be described as delicate. She's five and a half feet tall, built like a particularly nimble tank, and can take a blow to the head and keep going. She's handsome in her strength, in the slide of muscle under scarred skin, and the solidness of her frame. Her hair is kept cropped short and tied back, her nails trimmed, and her face bare. She's comfortable in her skin, and her confidence draws people to her.

Peizhi is something of a contradiction. She can be extremely dogmatic and unforgiving. Her loyalty is hard-won, and she holds grudges far past the point of reason. There are things she cannot forgive, and turning away from one's obligations is one of them. Disloyalty is the worst sin possible in Peizhi's eyes. Peizhi believes there are certain duties and responsibilities everyone has, and failure to fulfill one of them is the quickest way into her ill graces. At the same time, she's gregarious and extremely social, with a soft spot for anyone younger than her in need of help. She cares, passionately. It's why she serves. Ra's' goals are her goals, his beliefs are her beliefs. Anything he asks, she'll do, because she trusts that Ra's has a good and sufficient reason.

To Serve is All I've Ever Wanted

When Peizhi was three days old, her parents abandoned her in a garbage dump. She got lucky. By the time she was born, it was established policy for the Demon to acquire abandoned chinese infants. When she was found, a day and a half later, weak and on the verge of death, the Demon took her in, nursed her back to health, and gave her a name. Peizhi Huang.

She and hundreds of other girls were raised by a small group of hired caretakers and a ever-changing array of teachers, in an isolated base in northern Siberia. Peizhi distinguished herself as a natural leader and a true believer in Ra's' goal. Ra's visted the Siberian base infrequently, and Peizhi strove to earn his attention whenever he was present.

By twenty, she had several years of field experience under her belt. She was promoted to squad leader, one of the youngest ever, and assigned to Gotham. The next three years were some of the hardest, and most rewarding, of her entire life.

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